This page relates to version 2.0 of Collapsible Dashboard Sidebar. Documentation for previous versions is available via the documentation index.

Collapsible Dashboard Sidebar for Jira

This is the Scroll Viewport root page. For technical reasons, this root page is not normally visible to users, unless it is an “old” (i.e., not the last) version; in that case, we use it to warn the user it’s not the last version.

When a new version of the documentation is ready, follow these steps to publish it:

  1. First ensure that the space content is up to date:
    1. Check that the message below this warning has the correct version, otherwise edit it.
    2. Check that the root page of the space has the labels:
      1. “qvp-latest-product-version” (this makes the “version bar” at the top say it’s the latest version);
      2. “qvp-product-version=1p2p3”, i.e., the version with dots replaced by “p” (this lets the “version bar” know what version it is);
    3. Check the release date on the release note page.
  2. Duplicate the space using the Space Admin for Confluence app (in the Overview section of the Space Tools menu, there is a new Copy space tab).
    1. The key for the copy must be of the form CDSv#p#[p#], i.e. “CDS” (the base key for the plugin), “v” (for “version”, in lower case), then the version number with dots replaced by “p”. (Because space keys cannot contain dots.)
    2. The name for copy must be of the form Collapsible Dashboard Sidebar #.# Documentation
  3. In the new version-specific copy:
    1. Edit the title of the root page of the space to have the correct format (Collapsible Dashboard Sidebar 7.9 instead of Collapsible Dashboard Sidebar 7.9 Documentation Home);
    2. Delete this warning block. (Use the original space to follow the steps.)
    3. Create a new viewport (if missing) with the URL prefix “/collapsible-dashboard-sidebar-${version}” (e.g. “collapsible-dashboard-sidebar-1.2.3” if you’re releasing version 1.2.3); ensure the viewport permissions restrict access to the Confluence UI and redirect users to the viewport
    4. Check if the new viewport is accessible by anonymous users; if not, edit the space permissions and toggle the Anonymous Access view permission back and forth until it is. (The plugin that copies spaces can sometimes mess up, and leave the space unaccessible even if the permission page shows it as visible.)
    5. Remove the add-on and docs categories from the copied space
  4. Edit the release notes page links (in both in the new space and the “master” space) for the versioned user’s guide;
  5. In the global Scroll Viewport configuration page, switch the “/collapsible-dashboard-sidebar” viewport to the new space;
  6. Edit the Welcome page of the Qotilabs Documentation space to add a link to the new version;
  7. Remove the “qvp-latest-product-version” label from the root page of the previous version.

This is the documentation for version 2.0 of the Collapsible Dashboard Sidebar for Jira app. For other versions, see the documentation root page.