This page relates to an older version 1.20 of Rich Filters for Jira Dashboards for Server & Data Center. See the documentation index for other versions, or for the Cloud version of Rich Filters.

Rich Filters 1.1 Release Notes


 Rich Filters Add-on 1.1 for JIRA adds the Rich Filter Pie Chart gadget.

Rich Filters Add-on on the Atlassian Marketplace

User’s Guide for version 1.1

Version Highlights

Rich Filters Add-on version 1.1 adds the Rich Filter Pie Chart gadget:

  • Displays statistics as a pie chart graph;
  • Has support for quick filters and working queries, like the other rich filter gadgets;
  • It can display pie charts for smart filters, as if they were computed fields;
  • Besides issue count, it can also calculate and display pie charts for time tracking and numeric fields such as Story Points.

Documentation: Quick TutorialConfiguring the Pie Chart Gadget.

Supported JIRA Versions

Rich Filters for Jira Dashboards version 1.1 is supported on Jira versions 7.0.0 – 7.1.x. Earlier versions of the plugin exist for JIRA 6.4.x.

Installation and Upgrade

The plugin may be installed from the Atlassian Marketplace or from the Find new add-ons page.

If you have installed the Rich Filters Add-on on JIRA version 6.4, you will need to update it after upgrading to JIRA 7.x. The add-on for JIRA 6.x will not work on JIRA 7.x, but all your data and configuration will be preserved.