This page relates to an older version 1.24 of Rich Filters for Jira Dashboards for Server & Data Center. See the documentation index for other versions, or for the Cloud version of Rich Filters.

Navigate through Rich Filters

Depending on your permissions, you can also see the rich filters defined by other users and shared with you.

You should have created at least one rich filter or there should be at least one rich filter shared with you in order to complete this tutorial.

  1. Open to the Issues menu at the top of the screen and select the Manage rich filters option
  2. In the page you have just opened (the Manage Rich Filters page), see the rich filters displayed.

    You can use the Find a rich filter search box in order to find Rich Filters by name or by an administrator’s username.

  3. Open the configuration page of any rich filter simply by clicking on its name.
  4. Get back to the Manage Rich Filters page simply by clicking on the Rich Filters link on the top-left of your screen, above the name of the rich filter you have just opened.

Continue to the tutorial, Build a very simple interactive Jira Dashboard, to learn how to use rich filters in dashboards.