This page relates to the Cloud version of Rich Filters for Jira Dashboards. Please see the documentation index for Server & Data Center versions.

July 5, 2021

New Gadget: Rich Filter Flexi Charts 

A new dedicated chart gadget is now available: the Rich Filter Flexi Charts gadget.

This release introduces the first version of the gadget. The current functional coverage corresponds to that of the quick charts available in the Rich Filter Statistics Gadget, i.e. one-dimensional charts (donut, pie, gauge, bar and treemap) based on Issue Count or numeric and time-tracking fields aggregated by an issue field. Two-dimensional charts will soon be added to this gadget.

For more information about this new feature have a look at the Rich Filter Flexi Charts Gadget documentation page.

Examples of flexi charts:

Donut chart of Issue Count by Project:

Pie chart of Story Points by Priority:

Gauge chart of Time Spent by Status:

Bar chart of Issue Count by Issue Type:

Treemap chart of Story Points by Status: