This page relates to the Cloud version of Rich Filters for Jira Dashboards. Please see the documentation index for Server & Data Center versions.

Configuring Static Filters

In this section:

  1. About Static Filters
  2. Static Filters' Key Attributes
  3. Adding & Editing Static Filters

1. About Static Filters

The Static Filters allow the users to further filter the collection of issues displayed by rich filter gadgets. Once configured, the static filters can be displayed as buttons in Rich Filter Controller gadgets. When a static filter button is selected in a Rich Filter Controller gadget, all the other gadgets in the same dashboard and which are based on the same rich filter apply the JQL of the static filter.

2. Static Filters' Key Attributes

You can add new and see existing static filters and their configuration in the Static Filters section of your rich filter.

The key attributes of a static filter are:

NameEach static filter has a name which is used to identify and display the filter. It is mandatory and must be unique among the static filters within the rich filter.
ColorThe selected color will be used to display related values in some of the rich filter gadgets (e.g. the Rich Filter Simple Gauges gadget).
JQLThe JQL query defines the filtering condition of the static filter.

3. Adding & Editing Static Filters

The Static Filters section of your rich filter allows you to perform the following operations:

To achieve this:Do the following:
Add a new Static Filter

Click on the Create Static Filter button at the top right of the screen. 

Type a name and a JQL for your static filter and optionally change its color, then click on the Create button.

Edit the JQL of a Static Filter

Click on the edit icon at the right of the static filter.

Delete a Static Filter

Click on the delete icon at the right of the static filter.

Reorder the Static Filters

Hover over the vertical “grid” icon, then drag-and-drop the static filter up or down to its new position.

When the static filters of this rich filter are displayed by Controller gadgets, by default they are shown in the order configured in this section.