This page relates to version 1.3 of Rich Filters::Time Tracking Dashboards. Documentation for previous versions is available via the documentation index.

Worklog Indexing

Rich Filters::Time Tracking Dashboards is an extension of the Rich Filters for Jira Dashboards app. If you are not already familiar with the rich filters, you should first have a look at the Rich Filters for Jira Dashboards documentation.

Because it operates at work log level, Rich Filters::Time Tracking Dashboards needs to index the work logs on your instance after it is installed or upgraded. Otherwise, rich filter statistics and queries on work logs might not work correctly. Jira’s native background re-index (global or per project) does not re-index the work logs, it indexes only the issues. This is why the app provides a Worklog indexing page which allows you to re-index the work logs.

Only the Jira Administrators have access to the Worklog indexing page. The page is accessible from Jira’s Add-ons administration menu, under the Rich Filters section.


If the Keyboard Shortcuts feature is enabled on your Jira instance, you can also use the “gg” shortcut and type 'Worklog indexing' in order to quickly find the page. (On newer Jira versions, pressing “.” opens the same menu.)

To re-index the work logs, the Worklog indexing page provides two possible options: 

  1. Lock Jira and rebuild index
    This option builds the index from scratch, both for the issues and for the work logs, but Jira will be unavailable to all users until the re-index is complete. It's worth mentioning that this option is simply a redirect to Jira's native 'Lock Jira and re-build index' operation, which indexes both issues and work logs (unlike Jira's native background re-index which indexes only the issues).

  2. Re-index work logs in background
    We provide this tool in order to re-index the work logs for some of the projects. This option runs in background and the users will be able to access Jira during the re-index. This option is ideal if you’re evaluating Rich Filters::Time Tracking Dashboards and just want to build time tracking dashboards on some of the projects.

All the rich filter gadgets based on work log filters or values automatically detect if there are any inconsistencies in the work log index and display a warning icon.

We do our best effort to detect which projects specifically need to be re-indexed. If the base query of your rich filter is specific enough (i.e. contains clauses such as 'project = ...' or 'project in (...)'), the warning will also display the keys of the projects which need to be re-indexed. For Jira administrators, the warning icon can be clicked in order to have access directly to the Worklog indexing page.