This page relates to version 1.30 of Rich Filters for Jira Dashboards for Server & Data Center. See the documentation index for previous versions, or for the Cloud version of Rich Filters.

Labs Features

From the Rich Filters App configuration page, Jira administrators can enable/disable labs features. These are experimental app features which might suffer changes in the future. Please don’t hesitate to provide feedback if you find these features useful! This will allow us to take into account your feedback and also to notify you if changes are expected to happen in future releases.

Available Labs Features:

  • Quick Filters ModeAllow Rich Filter quick filters to be ORed together instead of ANDed
    If this feature is enabled, a new advanced setting will be available per Rich Filter. For each individual Rich Filter you can decide if the quick filters should be ANDed together when used on dashboards (the current default behavior), or if these should be ORed instead of ANDed. This would allow the user to select the reunion of the issues satisfying the quick filters instead of the intersection.

    The rich filter administrator can chose between the Intersection (default) and the Union quick filters mode.

  • Deferred filtering: Apply dynamic and smart filters only when the drop-downs are closed
    If this feature is enabled, dashboard quick filters that use a drop-down (dynamic and smart filters) will be applied only when the drop-downs are closed; a hint will appear at the bottom of quick filter drop-downs. If this feature is not enabled, then the default behavior is that quick filters are applied immediately after each option is selected or unselected. The feature applies to all rich filter dashboards.