This page relates to version 1.30 of Rich Filters for Jira Dashboards for Server & Data Center. See the documentation index for previous versions, or for the Cloud version of Rich Filters.

Dashboard Issue Actions

The issue actions are available directly from the Rich Filter Results gadget, allowing you to easily update your issues directly from the dashboard.

How to access the issue actions menu

In order to access the issue actions menu, you can use either of two options:

  1. right click on any issue row (anywhere except on a link; right clicking on a link will display the browser's normal context menu)
  2. left click on the issue actions button

Some options in the issue actions menu will only be available if the user has the necessary permissions, or if certain features have been enabled by the Jira administrator.

If you need the browser's normal context menu you can hold any modifier key (Ctrl, Shift, Alt, Meta) when right clicking. The issue actions menu will be disabled in that case.

How do the issue actions work

The issue action menu is divided in three sections:

  1. The first section contains the actions “View issue” and “View issue in navigator”. These two actions are always available.
    The view actions open the issue in a new tab. “View issue in navigator”?also includes a reference to the current JQL of the Rich Filter Results gadget, which allows you to iterate through the filtered issues in Jira’s issue navigator.
  2. The next section contains the available issue transitions. These are the same transitions which are available on the issue’s page.
  3. The last section contains other useful issue operations, such as “Edit”, “Assign” or “Watch issue”.

The issue transitions and operations allow you to update issues directly from the dashboard, without opening any new tabs or windows:

  • Actions that require user input (such as “Edit” and “Assign”, or transitions with screens) will display a dialog with the required fields.
  • Actions that can be performed without any additional user input (such as “Assign to me” and “Add vote”, or transitions without screens) are applied right away.

The Rich Filter Results gadget will refresh automatically to show the updates after an action is performed; other gadgets using the same rich filter will also update, so that your statistics are always up to date. All successful actions will briefly display a message flag at the top right of the screen. If the updated issue is still on the screen, it is highlighted for a few seconds.

If you update an issue with the issue actions, depending on your filtering criteria, ordering etc, the issue might no longer be shown after the Rich Filter Results gadget refreshes.

For example, if you use quick filters to show only Unassigned issues, and then use the “Assign” issue action, the issue will no longer be Unassigned, so it will not be shown anymore.