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Deprecation notice

Starting with Jira 7.12 you can natively share edit rights for filters and dashboards, which makes the Shared Ownership for Dashboards/Filters app obsolete. Starting with Jira 7.12, the Share Ownership feature is disabled. If you were already using Shared Ownership for Dashboards/Filters and you have upgraded your Jira version to 7.12+, have a look at our Jira 7.12+ migration page.

The app will continue to be supported until the end of life of Jira 7, you can continue to use Shared Ownership for Dashboards/Filters app on earlier Jira versions. No compatibility will be provided starting with Jira 8.


Shared Ownership for Dashboards/Filters Add-on allows you to easily share the ownership of JIRA Dashboards or Filters between several users. You can therefore transform your dashboards and filters into true team assets, and promote teamwork and efficiency.

User’s Guide