Jira 7.12+ migration

Deprecation notice

Starting with Jira 7.12 you can natively share edit rights for filters and dashboards, which makes the Shared Ownership for Dashboards/Filters app obsolete. Starting with Jira 7.12, the Share Ownership feature is disabled. Below we describe the functionality we continue to provide for Jira 7.12+ so that you can migrate to the native edit share feature.

The app will continue to be supported until the end of life of Jira 7, you can continue to use Shared Ownership for Dashboards/Filters app on earlier Jira versions. No compatibility will be provided starting with Jira 8.

After upgrading to Jira 7.12+, in order to migrate to the new native edit share feature, in both Edit Dashboard and Edit Filter pages, we continue to show in read-only mode the list of users sharing the ownership. You can use this list in order to re-create the previous configuration using the native Jira edit rights.

  • For dashboards:

  • For filters: