Shared Ownership for Dashboards

In addition to the visibility sharing provided natively by JIRA, the Add-on allows you to also share with other users the ownership of a dashboard. The principle is very simple:

  • Share the ownership of your dashboard with other users on the “Edit and Share Dashboard” screen

  • Any of the users you have shared ownership with can become the owner of the dashboard with only one click, and can then perform dashboard changes.

  • Any logged in user can easily see the details of a dashboard: the current owner and the co-owners, the description, and the permissions.

Taking ownership of a dashboard

Ownership of a dashboard can be taken only by users who respect two conditions:

  1. The user needs to have the 'Create Shared Objects' permission;
  2. The user needs to belong to all the group/project/role view shares.

In case ownership is shared with users who don’t respect any of these conditions, the invalid usernames are displayed stricken-through so that any issues are easy to notice. Hovering over such a user will show an explanation and highlight the missing permissions in red.