Use Cases

Here are some of the use cases this add-on helps you solve:

  1. You build a team dashboard and/or filter. The dashboard/filter is a team asset and you would like to allow your team members not only to see it, but also to contribute by editing it. This way you can all work on the same dashboard/filter, have access to the same information, promote visibility and a faster working pace and be more efficient as a team.
    Solution: Simply share the ownership of the dashboard or filter you created with your team members by adding them as co-owners through the "Share ownership" field. Any of them will be able to  perform changes at any time by clicking the "Take ownership" option.

  2. You own a dashboard or filter and during your absence you would like to delegate the maintenance of the dashboard/filter to some of your colleagues.
    Solution: Share the ownership of the dashboard/filter with the colleagues replacing you. They will be able to edit the dashboard during your absence.

  3. As a JIRA admin you need to transfer the ownership of a dashboard/filter to a new user.
    Solution: Simply use the 'Change owner' option conveniently located on the dashboard/filter pages.
  4. You are a JIRA admin and you are asked to perform dashboard/filter updates while the owner of the dashboard/filter is absent.
    Solution: Simply take the ownership of the dashboard/filter (using the option 'Change owner' conveniently located on the dashboard). When you complete your changes, you can transfer the ownership back to the original owner.