This page relates to version 2.0 of Rich Filters::Time Tracking Dashboards. Documentation for previous versions is available via the documentation index.

User's Guide


Rich Filters::Time Tracking Dashboards is an extension of the Rich Filters for Jira Dashboards app. If you are not already familiar with the rich filters, you should first have a look at the Rich Filters for Jira Dashboards documentation.

Rich Filters::Time Tracking Dashboards enhances the existing rich filters and rich filter gadgets by adding statistics, charts and filtering capability based on work logs. This allows you to easily build dashboards for time tracking purposes where you can quickly visualize how the time was spent by a user or group of users, during a particular time period, for a given project or group of issues.  

In order for the Rich Filters::Time Tracking Dashboards app to work, you need to already have the Rich Filters for Jira Dashboards app installed and licensed separately.

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Rich Filters::Time Tracking Dashboards also requires re-indexing your work logs. Before installing the app for the first time, please make sure you have a look at our Installation & Compatibility page for details.

Product Highlights

The Rich Filters::Time Tracking Dashboards app provides the following functionality on top of the existing rich filters and rich filter gadgets: 

  • Statistics and dynamic filters on work logs – interactive time tracking dashboards
  • Time tracking time series & charts – historical time tracking data
  • Advanced statistics and filters on work logs – Worklog Query Language (WQL)

To find out more, see our Product Highlights page. If you want to learn how to configure the new features, you should start with the Key Concepts