This page relates to the Cloud version of Rich Filters for Jira Dashboards. Please see the documentation index for Server & Data Center versions.

July 30, 2021

Custom Values in Rich Filter Gadgets

This release introduces custom values, a set a features that considerably extends the capabilities of the rich filter gadgets.

Defined in the rich filter configuration, custom values are available as columns in views and as values in gadgets, alongside the Jira fields, providing support for custom aggregation formulas (sum, average, minimum and maximum, with optional JQL filtering of contributing issues) and custom results display (label, color and format). Custom values can be based on Issue Count or numeric and time-tracking fields.

All the rich filter gadgets that display results based on issue data benefit from this enhancement, including the flexi charts gadget.

For more information about this new set of features have a look at the Configuring Custom Values documentation page.

Examples of rich filter gadgets configured to display custom values

In the examples below we've used four custom values defined as follows:

  • Resolved Story Points – the sum of the story points of the resolved issues (uses a JQL query to limit the contributing issues to the resolved ones)
  • Support Time Spent – the sum of the time spent for support issues, displayed in days (uses a JQL query to limit the contributing issues to bugs)
  • Avg Time Spent (h) – the average time spent, displayed in hours
  • Max Rem. Estimate – the maximum remaining estimate for the unresolved issues, displayed in days (uses a JQL query to limit the contributing issues to the unresolved ones)

Rich Filter Simple Counter gadget displaying the four custom values:

Rich Filter Statistics gadget displaying the four custom values aggregated by assignee:

Rich Filter Flexi Charts gadget displaying a treemap chart of the custom value Support Time Spent aggregated by assignee: