This page relates to the Cloud version of Rich Filters for Jira Dashboards. Please see the documentation index for Server & Data Center versions.

August 4, 2021

New Gadget: Rich Filter Smart Counter

The new Rich Filter Smart Counter gadget displays aggregated issue data in a counter-type layout. Currently, the aggregation can be done by smart filters and the results can be based on Issue Count, numeric and time-tracking fields or custom values. In other words, the gadget computes one-dimensional statistics by a smart filter and displays the results as counts, labeled and colored according to the smart filter configuration.

For more information about this new feature have a look at the Rich Filter Smart Counter Gadget documentation page.

Examples of smart counter gadgets:

Smart counter gadget displaying the Story Points aggregated by a smart filter named High Level Status:

Smart counter gadget displaying a custom value named Avg Time Spent (h) aggregated by a smart filter named Team. The custom value is defined as the the average time spent, displayed in hours: