This page relates to the Cloud version of Rich Filters for Jira Dashboards. Please see the documentation index for Server & Data Center versions.

June 28, 2022

In this release:

Support for wallboards

The rich filter gadgets now support a dark theme that is automatically applied when they are displayed on wallboards.

New line and multi-line chart types

Flexi charts and quick charts now have two new Chart type options:

  • Line charts are an alternative to bar charts (for 1D charts);
  • Multi-line charts are an alternative to clustered bar charts (for 2D charts).

Better display for weeks in statistics and charts based on dates

When statistics and charts are configured based on dates with Weeks as Aggregation periods, the weeks were represented in the gadgets with the week number and the year. To make the week representation easier to understand for everyone, we've changed it to include the date of the Monday of the week, in addition to the week number.

This applies to the following gadgets: Rich Filter Statistics, Rich Filter Two Dimensional Statistics, Rich Filter Flexi Charts, Rich Filter Time Series Chart and Rich Filter Created vs. Resolved Chart.