This page relates to the Cloud version of Rich Filters for Jira Dashboards. Please see the documentation index for Server & Data Center versions.

Exporting Data

  1. Exporting a gadget
  2. Exporting the entire dashboard

Rich filter gadgets can be exported in one of the following formats: PDF, Excel (.xlsx), and CSV. The exported files preserve any filtering selected in the Rich Filter Controller and in the gadget configuration. The users can export the content of a single gadget or the content of all the gadgets in the dashboard.

Export permissions

The export options are available only to the users who have export permissions. For more information, please see the Rights and Permissions documentation page.

1. Exporting a gadget

The content of any rich filter gadget can be exported by selecting the export button located in the footer of the gadget.

2. Exporting the entire dashboard

Exporting the entire dashboard can be done from the Rich Filter Controller gadget by selecting the export options located in the footer of the gadget. The export options available in the Rich Filter Controller are PDF and Excel (.xlsx).

The exported file will contain all the rich filter gadgets available in the dashboard and which are based on the same rich filter as the controller. Also, the exported file preserves the filtering as selected in the controller.