This page relates to version 1.3 of Rich Filters::Time Tracking Dashboards. Documentation for previous versions is available via the documentation index.

For Jira Administrators

Rich Filters::Time Tracking Dashboards is an extension of the Rich Filters for Jira Dashboards app. If you are not already familiar with the rich filters, you should first have a look at the Rich Filters for Jira Dashboards documentation.

This page contains information which is more relevant for Jira administrators. 

In order to be able to build the different filters, statistics and charts on work logs, the Rich Filters::Time Tracking Dashboards app automatically adds a special custom field called rfWorklog. The field cannot be edited directly or displayed in issues, navigator or dashboards. The field has two main purposes:

  • to index some of the work log related data in a form which allows us to build the different work log filters, statistics and charts very efficiently.
  • to allow users to write custom queries on work logs via JQL. To learn more about custom work log queries, have a look at our Advanced Work Log Searching page.

It is very important to reindex your work logs when the Rich Filters::Time Tracking Dashboards app is installed or upgraded. Otherwise, statistics and searches based on work logs might not return correct results. To learn how to reindex the work logs on your Jira instance, have a look at the Worklog Indexing page.