This page relates to the Cloud version of Rich Filters for Jira Dashboards. Please see the documentation index for Server & Data Center versions.

October 25, 2021

In this release:

Dynamic filters based on dates

Dynamic filtering, one of the mechanisms by which Rich Filter Controller gadgets allow dashboard users to easily filter issues, now supports date and date time fields.

The configuration is as easy as for any other field – in the rich filter configuration, simply add dynamic filters based on the date or date time fields you want to filter on.

For the dashboard users, filtering on dates is easy and intuitive: a click on the date dynamic filter in the controller reveals From and To fields for the date limits. One or both of these fields can be filled with a calendar date by selecting it in a date picker or by typing it in the field. It is also possible to type a time relative to the present, using the format accepted by the JQL (e.g. "3d", "-2w 3d 4h").

For more information about dynamic filters, have a look at Configuring Dynamic Filters.

Statistics and charts based on dates

The Rich Filter Statistics, Two Dimensional Statistics and Flexi Charts gadgets can now aggregate issue data by date and date time fields.

The configuration is flexible, with multiple options for the aggregation periods (from days to years) and for the time range:

An auto mode is also available, which dynamically adjusts the parameters to produce the most granular yet complete statistics (i.e. with the appropriate aggregation period so that all the relevant issues are included).

As with any other kind of breakdown, date-based statistics and charts can compute results based on Issue Count, numeric & time-tracking fields and custom values.

The Two Dimensional Statistics gadgets can be configured with a date or date time statistic type for one or both breakdowns.

In the Flexi Charts gadgets, date-based breakdowns can be configured for the following chart types:

  • 1D: bar charts
  • 2D: clustered bar charts and stacked bar charts.